Denrai Tae Kwon-Do

Denrai Tae Kwon-Do

Denrai Tae Kwon-Do NZ is the child of it's parent company
  United ITF Australia  affiliated      Denrai Freestyle Tae Kwon-Do    
Making Denrai  international
Under the leadership and training of Senior Instuctor Duncan McTaggart with over 30 years experience in martial arts
You will learn the fundermentals of TAE KWON-DO while working on your fittness and gaining the ability to defend yourself & others

working on fitness while developing self confidence

 Working on technique to develop power

      The beginning of


If you decide to undertake the journey with Denrai you will be working towards a healthier way of life both phisically & mentally .

 Denrai is all about being prepared in the art of self defence while working on self confidence and attitude


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